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6064 Gull Rd, Kalamazoo, MI  49048
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Auto Maxx Kalamazoo Used Cars

Auto Maxx a Used Car Dealer Proudly Serving Kalamazoo, MI

Auto Maxx used car dealer is proud to serve Kalamazoo and all bordering Kalamazoo areas in MI with the best used cars for sale in the Kalamazoo area. Located in Kalamazoo, MI our full-fledged customer service provides the best used car buying experience.

Auto Maxx Kalamazoo

Auto Maxx is conveniently located in both Kalamazoo, MI. Our store is just a short drive from any Kalamazoo neighborhood. We have an extensive collection of used cars for sale that are perfect for your daily Kalamazoo commute, driving your kids around, or for a weekend getaway. Regardless of your lifestyle Auto Maxx has the perfect vehicle for you. Make your move and come see us at our convenient Kalamazoo location.

Our Used Car Dealership

Auto Maxx takes pride in offering some of the finest used car lots in Kalamazoo. Our staff is here to please you and make your used car buying experience enjoyable with a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

Auto Maxx Inventory

Auto Maxx offers a wide range of:
At Auto Maxx we also make it easy to shop by price with:

Auto Maxx Financing

No Credit? Poor Credit? Foreclosure? Bankruptcy? Auto Maxx can help. Let us Get You Approved today with our online credit application!

Auto Maxx Trade-Ins

Let Auto Maxx Value Your Trade-In today!

Auto Maxx Kalamazoo Contact Information

Auto Maxx is Located in Kalamazoo, MI. Our address is 6064 Gull Rd. Kalamazoo MI, 49048. You can call us at (269) 222-0088.

Auto Maxx Car Buying Tips

What is a Safety Rating?

Article Preview ImageWhen purchasing a new vehicle, many shoppers are just as concerned about the safety of the vehicle as they are about any of its other features. It is a very rationale concern as cars, trucks, and SUVs have gotten heavier in weight and drivers are now more distracted than ever before. Buyers want to know that the vehicle they purchase will keep them as safe as possible in a collision. The most common method of evaluating the safety of a vehicle is to check out its safety rating. However, for...

Winter Driving Tips

Article Preview ImageIf you live in Michigan, thereís no escaping it. Whether itís commuting, driving the kids to school, or going grocery shopping youíll encounter heavy snow at least a few times over the winter months. To make the months between November and April a little less stressful weíre offering a series of expert tips on driving in winter conditions. Itís likely youíve heard of a few of them, but then maybe not others. In either case, itís good to brush up on your skills before you have to brush off...

The Differences between All Wheel Drive and Four Wheel Drive

Article Preview ImageThe terminology can be confusing, as some manufacturers may have one vehicle they market as All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and another they market as Four-wheel Drive (sometimes written as 4WD or 4x4). So whether it's an AWD or a 4WD system, you know that power is being delivered to all four wheels in a low traction situation, a clear advantage over traditional two-wheel drive vehicles, whether they are Front-wheel Drive (FWD) or Rear-wheel Drive (RWD) either of which are driving just a single...

Auto Maxx News

5 Safest Used Cars Under $20,000

Article Preview ImageWhatís the best way to choose a used car? Certainly, the total cost of ownership is one method. Itís when you calculate all operational costs for the time you plan on owning a vehicle, then doing the same for another vehicle youíre considering, so as to determine which will cost you less out of pocket over the long run. A big factor in total ownership cost is depreciation, but by purchasing a used vehicle youíve avoided the worst of it. All cars continue to depreciate until theyíre either...

Top 10 Road Trip Hacks for the New Age of Connectivity

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Three Tech Features Parents of Teenage Drivers Should Know About

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