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Extreme Couponing

Published August 21, 2017

Need to save serious $$$? A bit OCD? Extreme couponing could be the solution for you! Sure, we all collect a few coupons if we spot a good deal, but some people take couponing to a whole new level. Here’s how the extreme couponing lifestyle works.
The phrase “extreme couponing” comes from the hit TV series where competing contestants shop using huge discounts from extreme amounts of couponing to see who has the smallest receipt. Whether it’s the weekly grocery shopping or presents for friends and family at Christmas, extreme couponing can save you hundreds.
The best places to find coupons are magazines and newspapers: don’t just pick out a few from your local favorite, if you’re serious about extreme couponing dedicate some time to cutting out every single coupon you can find. Go through the newspapers and magazines at your local store and see which ones have the best coupons. You will also find that your local dollar store might carry left over Sunday papers so you can double/triple up on your coupons.
You can also find a lot of coupons online, some from massive coupon websites and others on more specific websites like Walmart, where you’ll find coupons you can only use in their store. Print these off too. By now you’ll have quite a stack, so make sure to organize them in expiry order, so you don’t end up getting to the checkout only to realize your coupons have expired!
The third way of extreme couponing is to use loyalty cards and stack up some serious points. The key to loyalty cards is to only get them for places you normally shop, otherwise you may be tempted to shop at more expensive places and end up paying more for the items you’d buy cheaper without coupons at your regular store.
Now you have all your coupons together, start to plan out your shop. Read all the small print and figure out how to combine your coupons together to make the ultimate discount. For example, you might find that you can save a $1 on a $3 pack of cookies if you buy them right now, but if you wait until next week when the store price drops to $1.50 during the sale, use your coupon and you’ll only pay 50 cents.
Just don’t forget the golden rule: don’t buy things you don’t need, regardless of whether you have a coupon or not, or you’ll end up spending even more than before!
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