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Is it Safe to Submit a Credit Application on a Car Dealer Website?

Published September 20, 2018

Security issues now days can make customers feel reluctant when providing their information online. We want our customers to feel at ease. Thatís why the Automaxx Battle Creek website credit application is fully secure with a current SSL certificate. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and in simplest terms, your computer and the finance computer at Automaxx agree on a unique secret code. Then all information is transferred using that code so that it canít be read as it travels through the internet.

With the growing impact of the internet on the car buying process, purchasers feel intimidated by the process. Online filing of credit application entails just a few simple steps. You can fill out and submit the form on our website. After a short time, the dealership will contact you with the loan options that match your credit profile.

Utilizing Latest Encryption Technology

At the same time, there is a threat of online identity theft if this information is not properly protected. In this regard, we take every required step for assessing the security mechanisms available and deploying the latest encryption technologies on our website, much like banks and other financial institutions.

Since every important aspect of car buying needs to be considered carefully, buyers should explore loan options comprehensively in order to find the best finance option at the lowest rate.

The Process Is Safe and Effective

Itís here that the website of Automaxx can play an important role. You can file your credit application on our website for pre-approval of your loan. Our team of experienced auto loan professionals will negotiate the competitive rates and terms that you deserve, regardless of your past credit history, being sure to only present you with options that fit within your budget. There shouldnít be any concerns regarding the safety of your personal information if you are filling the application on the website of a reputable and trustworthy dealer. At Automaxx Battle Creek your data is stored, temporarily, in a secured portal to which only our financial team has access, and they are held responsible for keeping your credit information safe, which we take very seriously.

Fast and Effective

Needless to say that filing credit information online can save a lot of your time and efforts. You can complete this application and understand your financing options before you even walk into the dealership, instead of the old way of deciding upon the vehicle and then working out the financing. The internet has also simplified the process of loan approvals as well. Instead of having to fax information to the lender, with online filing and processing of credit applications it can knock the time down to receiving an approval to mere minutes.

Safety and Security

Safety is a major concern in this regard. Buyers remain worried about the privacy of their personal information shared on a dealerís website. Understanding their concerns, Automaxx Battle Creek is using the latest data encryption and firewall technologies on our website. We do this so you can rest assured that your completed application is on a secure and verified website and cannot be accessed by anyone outside of our company.

So if youíre in the market for a reliable used vehicle, take just a few minutes it requires to complete our online application. Weíll get back to you shortly not only with a credit offer but also the make, model, and year of vehicles on our lot that align with your budget.
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