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Ways to Save Money when on a Road-trip

Published August 21, 2017

We have all been there, sat around a map, calculating MPG and working out how much a road trip will cost us. The beauty of it is that a road-trip can cost us as much or as little as we want it to. With our guide, you should see your road-trip costs significantly reduced.

1) Cut out the diners. Stock up on canned food and take a camping stove along with you. A small/medium canister of stove gas is likely to be perfect for the duration of most road-trips. When you’re hungry, take a break, fire up the camping stove and get cooking. This is probably along with step 2 going to save you the greatest amount of money on your road trip.

2) Cut out motels. Pitch a tent. Motels can be very cheap, but even the cheapest motel will add up in costs over consecutive nights. A tent saves you all of that expense. Be sure to check that you are camping where you are allowed and refrain from lighting campfires unless you know it is not prohibited in that area. If done right though camping can be every bit as comfortable as a motel room without the price tag.

3) Fuel costs vary between states. Plan your trip so you’re filling up the tank in the states that have cheaper fuel. This may not always be possible but if done right it could save you in excess of a hundred dollars on a cross country trip.

4) Visit the free attractions. The old saying is true, the best things in life are free, and that saying has never been truer than for someone on a road-trip. Wherever possible take the free attraction over the one where you have to pay. Your bank balance will thank you for it and you won’t miss out on the stories to tell.

5) Take a friend. A problem shared is a problem halved. The more the merrier on a road-trip, because the more people in the vehicle the more you can spread the cost. So, get those seats filled with your mates to reduce costs further.

Is there a tip we should have mentioned? Did you find our simple guide helpful? How much did you save by following it? Let us know!
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