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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers Frequently Asked Financing Questions in Kalamazoo, MI

1. How much down payment will I need to finance a vehicle?

We have many programs that require little to no money down. A trade-in can also be used with or as a down payment itself. When credit is a concern the more you participate in down payment the wider range of options you will have.

2. What if I am a first-time buyer with no credit, can you get me financed?

We have a number of ways to provide financing for no or limited credit, even without a cosigner. An auto loan is a great way to establish credit, and with our knowledgeable staff we can show you how to do it right the first time and finding a way to set our first-time buyers up for success.

3. Can I get a new vehicle if I am still making payments on my current vehicle?

Trading a vehicle in when money is still owed will not stop us from helping you to better your current driving situation. You might even be able to use your current vehicle as a down payment even when money is owed.

4. I am on a fixed income; can you help me?

Our team can provide affordable options for any budget.

5. I declared bankruptcy but need a car, can you get me financed?

We work with several lenders that will work with you after your bankruptcy is discharged and 4 lenders willing to work with you while youíre still in bankruptcy. Whether its chapter 7 or 13 we can help.

6. What if Iíve had a repo?

We work with several lenders and provide quality reliable transportation to give you a real opportunity to put yourself back on track.